Buyers Introduction

My role as your buyer’s agent is to listen to your needs and wants and help you find your dream home. Once we find your home, I’m responsible to advocate and represent you during the entire transaction. What this means is clear and honest communication, transparency and integrity in the process. I have a system in process to help make your home buying experience as smooth as possible. It’s my intention to help, not hinder your dreams and goals to find your home.

Here’s our strategic plan:

  1. Our first meeting sets expectations, listen to your needs and wants, discuss timeline.
  2. I’ll set you up on our neighborhood news and depending on your timeline, list of new homes on the market within your price range.
  3. Get your Pre-approval letter from the lender of your choice. Better yet, a totally underwritten letter provides more certainty for you to make good decision making. Why? You’ll know how much (your range), you’ll be able to spend on a home. You’ll have a stronger offer because you’ve been approved and sellers like knowing you are financially able to buy the home. Also, you can close faster because you’ve been underwritten and that initial step is done! I will be happy to refer you to lenders in the local area whom I found listen to your needs and are service minded.
  4. Set up days and time to see homes on the market. I can meet you at open houses and get you into any home on the market.
  5. Once you narrow down your choice and want to make an offer, we will discuss the best strategy to move forward.
  6. Throughout the process, I will be available to answer any questions, negotiate terms, advocate and be present for you. I’ll be in contact with all stakeholders to successfully close on your home!
  7. I’ll be there at your closing.
  8. And then we celebrate!

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